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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Shelly and I have been interested in Genealogy for many years, and have traced my own family back several generations.

I am based in Newmarket, Suffolk, and have become involved with a local group who are trying to find their ancestors, many of whom have been searching for years with little or no luck.

This gave me the idea that there may be many similar people who are researching their family tree and that perhaps some help was required.


I searched for companies which provide a family tree research service though the internet or home based research, and was horrified to find that they are charging very high prices for the service that they are offering.

I therefore decided to offer the service of finding your ancestors, within a short period of time, and at a reasonable price.

Unlike others offering a Genealogy service I have decided not to offer fixed packages, but to apply charges based on the work that is done.

For further information please see Searches and Prices

If you are interested in tracing your family history, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please call Shelly on 01638 661163 or email

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